Cheat Point Blank Terbaru | X-Lonz Special VIP [FIX]

Cheat PB 7 Mei 2011 X-Lonz Special VIP [FIX]
 Features :
[-]Respawn (Jangan Di ON kan, Nanti akan BT)
[-]Damage Dual Kriss
[-]Damage SG

Credits By Echolondo(X-Lonz)

How to Use :
1. Download Cheat
2. Extract file in flashdisk
3. Open cheat
4. stars PB
5. When Noticed, click OK
6. Unplug flashdisk

NB :
[+] Use Keyboard to choose Cheat, up or down arrows
[+] To activate the cheat just use right and left arrow

Download Cheat:
Download Now

Update Cheat :


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